“Increase in Bird Injuries Due to Chinese Manjha During Independence Day Celebrations”

By | August 13, 2023



During Independence Day celebrations in Delhi, kite flying is a beloved tradition. However, the use of Chinese metal-coated manjha for kite strings is posing a risk to both kite flyers and birds. A bird hospital in Delhi has reported an increase in bird injuries caused by manjha. The Delhi government has issued a ban on the use of Chinese manjha and warned of punitive action against violators. Kite vendors are urging the use of cotton thread instead. A recent crackdown on the online sale of banned Chinese manjha resulted in the arrest of three individuals. ANI reported

During the Independence Day festivities in Delhi, kite flying has become a cherished tradition. However, this seemingly harmless and enjoyable activity can pose a significant threat to birds, primarily due to the use of Chinese metal-coated manjha (strings) by kite enthusiasts. This has raised concerns among experts, with doctors at a bird hospital in Delhi’s Chandini Chowk area reporting an increase in bird injuries caused by manjha during this period.

Haravtar Singh, a dedicated doctor at the bird hospital, has been witnessing such cases for the past four years. He emphasizes that the injuries caused by manjha can be severe, often resulting in broken bones for the birds. As the Independence Day approaches, the number of such cases is expected to rise further.

Anil Kumar Jaiswal, a kite vendor, acknowledges the dangers associated with Chinese manjha, highlighting its harmful impact on both the environment and human beings. He strongly advises against its use and advocates for the use of cotton thread as a safer alternative.

In response to this issue, Delhi’s Environment Minister, Gopal Rai, has urged people to refrain from using Chinese manjha and has warned of punitive action against anyone found using or selling it. The Delhi Government has also issued instructions to all relevant departments to ban the use of Chinese manjha. A comprehensive ban on the production, storage, sale, and use of all types of Chinese manjha has been implemented in Delhi.

Minister Gopal Rai explains that kite flying becomes increasingly popular among Delhi residents around August 15. However, every year, accidents caused by Chinese manjha come to light, despite its prohibition since January 10, 2017. The minister emphasizes the danger posed by Chinese manjha to animals, birds, and humans, not only during kite flying but also as a hazard to those crossing roadways. The Chinese manjha, made of chemicals instead of cotton fabric, is extremely harmful to the environment.


To enforce the ban effectively, the Department of Environment has issued instructions to various departments, including Delhi Police, Revenue, MCD, Transport Department, DMRC, Eco-Club School and College. Gopal Rai emphasizes that the use of Chinese manjha is illegal and can result in severe penalties, including imprisonment and hefty fines.

In a recent operation, the crime branch team apprehended three individuals involved in the online sale of banned Chinese manjha. This action was taken in response to unfortunate incidents where lives were lost due to the use of this banned product. The police seized a significant quantity of manjha during the operation.

The Delhi authorities are determined to curb the use of Chinese manjha, given its detrimental impact on the environment, animals, birds, and humans. They urge the public to report any instances of its use or sale, enabling strict punitive measures to be taken against violators. By cracking down on the sale and distribution of deadly Chinese manjha, the authorities aim to safeguard lives and prevent further harm caused by this banned product..

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