“Driver Arrested for DUI After Fatally Striking 63-Year-Old Man in Phoenix”

By | August 13, 2023



A 63-year-old man was killed in Phoenix when a driver hit him early Saturday morning. The driver, identified as 28-year-old Alejandro Carrillo Jr., was arrested and booked by Phoenix police. Carrillo showed signs of impairment and was suspected of driving under the influence. The investigation is ongoing, and further details have not been released. Carrillo has been charged with manslaughter, endangerment, and driving under the influence. Fernando Cervantes Jr. reported

In the early hours of Saturday, a tragic incident occurred in Phoenix, resulting in the death of a 63-year-old man. The driver responsible for the accident has since been apprehended and taken into custody by the Phoenix police.

According to the authorities, at approximately 3:15 a.m. on Saturday, law enforcement received reports of a three-car collision at the intersection of 51st Avenue and Buckeye Road. Upon arrival at the scene, officers discovered a severely injured individual. Sadly, this individual was identified as Fermin Ruiz Gutierrez, aged 63, and was pronounced dead after being transported to the hospital. Two other drivers involved in the accident were also present at the crash site.

Among the drivers present, one was identified as Alejandro Carrillo Jr., a 28-year-old individual. Police officers noted signs of impairment during their interaction with Carrillo. As part of their investigation, Carrillo was subsequently processed on suspicion of driving under the influence.

Detectives from the police department have assumed control of the investigation and have uncovered evidence suggesting that Carrillo collided with Ruiz’s stationary vehicle while driving along 51st Avenue. Following the initial impact, Carrillo’s vehicle also collided with another car, although the identity of the second driver has not been disclosed by the police.

The investigation into this tragic incident remains ongoing, and further details regarding the collision have not been disclosed by the authorities.


Carrillo has now been placed in custody and faces multiple charges, including manslaughter, endangerment, and driving under the influence.

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