“Juan Alvarez-Bentzin Jr. Arrested with Firearm and Body Armor in Austin Dispute”

By | August 12, 2023



A 25-year-old man was taken into custody in Austin, following a firearm complaint. The suspect, identified as Juan Alvarez-Bentzin Jr., was allegedly wearing body armor during the dispute. Officers detained him and recovered a firearm. Alvarez-Bentzin is currently in jail awaiting charges. The case is still under investigation. The Mower County Sheriff’s Office also responded to the incident. Austin Daily Herald, Minn. reported

On August 11th, law enforcement officials responded to a report of a firearm being brandished in northwest Austin, leading to the arrest of an individual. Austin Police Chief David McKichan stated that the Austin Police Department (APD) received a call regarding a dispute in the 700 block of Sixth Avenue NW. The subject involved, identified as Juan Alvarez-Bentzin Jr., a 25-year-old resident of Austin, was reported to be wearing body armor.

Upon reaching the scene, officers swiftly apprehended Alvarez-Bentzin in the yard of the residence, confirming his use of body armor. Furthermore, a search of Alvarez-Bentzin yielded the recovery of a firearm. As a result, Alvarez-Bentzin was taken into custody and is currently being held at the Mower County Jail, awaiting charges to be filed by the Mower County Attorney’s Office.

The case is currently under investigation, with the Mower County Sheriff’s Office also involved in the response to the incident. For further updates and information on this matter, readers are encouraged to check back with the Austin Daily Herald.

In other news, the Great Frontier bull riding event showcased thrilling performances over two consecutive nights. Additionally, a partnership initiative is introducing prairie grasses to the Driesner area. The annual Blair Lawhead Concert is scheduled for August 27th at 4 p.m. Furthermore, the Mower County Senior Center is actively engaging with the local community.

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