“The Untold Tragedy: Victims of the Sackler Legacy Fight for Justice Amidst OxyContin Crisis”

By | August 11, 2023



The fifth and sixth episodes of “Painkiller Hot Hot Hot / What’s in a Name?” focus on the importance of legacy to Arthur Sackler and the ongoing legal battle against Purdue. The episode highlights the determination of Edie Flowers and John Brownlee, who extract strong evidence against Purdue from internal documents. Meanwhile, Glen Kryger’s addiction worsens, leading him to betray his loved ones. Shannon Schaeffer becomes disillusioned with her work at Purdue and decides to share incriminating evidence with Edie. The Sackler family’s arrogance and disregard for the consequences of their actions are exposed. Sophie Brookover reported

In episodes 5 and 6 of “Painkiller,” titled “Hot Hot Hot” and “What’s in a Name?,” the focus is on the importance of legacy to Arthur Sackler and how it influences Richard. The flashback scene to a Christmas in the 1950s highlights Arthur’s obsession with legacy. Richard, however, doesn’t take his father’s advice seriously when it comes to OxyContin. Arthur’s disdain for gifts from Tiffany & Co. as symbols of Raymond’s lack of vision and understanding of the Sackler operation is too strong to be replaced by a more reasonable ideology. Meanwhile, Edie Flowers and John Brownlee continue their fight against Purdue, facing a deluge of internal documents in response to their subpoena. They discover evidence strong enough to demand relabeling OxyContin for end-of-life care, a $2 billion investment in affected communities, and a public apology from Purdue. However, Purdue’s counteroffer, made by Udell, is insulting and unserious, leading to a more aggressive strategy from Brownlee. Glen Kryger’s addiction intensifies, leading him to desperate measures to obtain a new prescription from Dr. Hartman. This results in heartbreaking scenes and a rock-bottom moment as Glen betrays his loved ones and loses everything. Brownlee embraces a new strategy by cold-calling Purdue employees, hoping to find someone knowledgeable enough to help their case. They eventually come across Udell’s assistant, Debra Marlowe, who is ready to go on record but is also secretly abusing OxyContin. Shannon Schaeffer’s disillusionment grows as her mentee, Molly, embraces callous talking points, and Shannon witnesses the greed and inhumanity at Richard’s corporate rave in Miami. Shannon gives in to peer pressure and has a snort of OxyContin, leading to a wakeup call as she falls into a swimming pool. Glen, on the other hand, manages to detox and is 30 days clean, experiencing hopeful scenes of reconciliation with his loved ones. Shannon decides to leave Purdue and shares damning evidence with Edie, while Britt unravels and Mortimer realizes the seriousness of Brownlee’s lawsuit. The Sacklers’ arrogance and belief that they are above the law is challenged, leading to their realization that they are not invincible..