“Blayne Lee Marple Identified as Victim in Fatal Crash near Fox Lake Public Access Site”

By | August 11, 2023



The Steuben County Sheriff’s Department has identified the man killed in a single-vehicle crash near the Fox Lake public access site as Blayne Lee Marple, 23, of Angola. The car struck a utility pole and caught fire, resulting in Marple’s death from blunt force trauma and thermal injuries. The crash was determined to be accidental. Fort Wayne Journal Gazette reported

The Steuben County Sheriff’s Department has released the identity of the individual who tragically lost their life in a lone car accident near the Fox Lake public access site. Blayne Lee Marple, a 23-year-old resident of Angola, sadly passed away on August 2nd as a result of the fatal crash that occurred on Fox Lake Road. The investigation revealed that the vehicle collided with a utility pole, subsequently causing a fire. Following the extinguishment of the fire, Marple’s body was discovered in the 2009 red Mazda RX8. The cause of death was determined to be a combination of severe impact injuries and thermal damage, with the coroner confirming the accidental nature of this tragedy. Initial findings from the deputies’ investigation indicate that the red Mazda RX8 was traveling westbound on Fox Lake Road at an apparent excessive speed when it encountered a bend just prior to the public access site. The car veered off the road towards the north side and, in an attempt to correct its trajectory, the driver overcompensated and steered the vehicle back towards the south. Unfortunately, this maneuver resulted in the car sliding out of control, ultimately colliding with the utility pole and subsequently igniting..