Spencerport Teacher Arrested for Posing as High School Student, Coercing Minors

By | August 10, 2023



Spencerport middle school teacher Ian Milam was arrested for posing as a high school student on Snapchat and coercing young girls to send him inappropriate photos and videos. He was charged with child pornography production and possession. Milam had been teaching in the area since 2018 and used multiple fake Snapchat accounts to carry out his actions. The school district has initiated an internal review and is cooperating with law enforcement. Milam is currently under police custody and will have a hearing on August 14. Aurko Maitra reported

On Wednesday, August 9th, it was announced by the US attorney’s office that Ian Milam, a teacher at Spencerport middle school in Spencerport, NY, had been arrested for allegedly pretending to be a high school student on Snapchat and coercing young girls to send him inappropriate photos and videos. The 37-year-old Milam is accused of creating multiple fake Snapchat accounts and using them to send explicit material to at least two minor girls, aged 11 and 12. Milam then reportedly attempted to manipulate the children into sending him illicit pictures in return. The incident came to light when explicit material was found on the phone of a 12-year-old girl, who revealed that she had received it from the 11-year-old victim. The Greece Police Department was informed, leading to the discovery of Milam’s fake online accounts through search warrants. Milam has been charged with the production and possession of child pornography, according to the District Attorney’s Office. It is important to note that this article contains content related to child abuse and reader discretion is advised. This incident follows a previous case involving a security guard from Spencerport high school who was caught taking inappropriate photos of girls. Milam, who has been teaching in the area since 2018, was a sixth-grade math teacher at Cosgrove Middle School at the time of the incident. The accounts used by Milam, identified as “matteckler” and “mikeywikey37”, were also found to have engaged in inappropriate conversations with other children. Milam is currently in police custody and is scheduled for a hearing on August 14th. The Spencerport Central School District Superintendent, Ty Zinkiewich, has condemned Milam’s alleged actions and assured that the district was not aware of any illegal or inappropriate behavior by the teacher prior to his arrest. An internal review is being conducted by the school district, and any official release of information will come from law enforcement agencies in order to maintain the integrity of the FBI investigation. Anyone with information regarding Milam or the Snapchat accounts “matteckler” or “mikeywikey37” is urged to contact the FBI..