“Akarshana Sathish, 11-year-old Library Enthusiast, Inspires Reading in Hyderabad”

By | August 9, 2023



11-year-old schoolgirl, Akarshana Sathish, has opened her 7th library in Hyderabad. Her collection includes over 5,000 books from various genres across two states. Akarshana aims to establish a total of 10 libraries by the end of 2023. Her efforts reflect her passion for promoting reading and highlight the importance of determination and community involvement in nurturing young minds. TIMESOFINDIA.COM reported

An 11-year-old student named Akarshana Sathish has recently opened her seventh library in Hyderabad, India. As of August 8, the library houses an impressive collection of over 5,000 books covering various genres and spanning two states. Akarshana, who proudly identifies herself as a “bookworm,” has set a goal to establish a total of 10 libraries by the end of 2023. Her journey began by collecting books from her family, classmates, and neighbors, reflecting her passion for promoting reading. Akarshana’s efforts serve as an outstanding example of the positive impact that determination and community involvement can have on nurturing a love for literature and learning among young individuals..