“65-Year-Old Woman Attacked by Shark in New York Waters”

By | August 9, 2023



Shark attacks in the United States have raised concerns, with 23 out of 34 reported attacks worldwide occurring in the country. Florida has recorded the highest number of unprovoked attacks, followed by New York. Recently, a 65-year-old woman was attacked by a shark while swimming at Rockaway Beach in New York. Authorities have taken measures to prevent future incidents and ensure beach safety. Locals are shocked by the rare occurrence, as the area is not known for a thriving marine ecosystem. The City Parks Department assures that such incidents are uncommon and continues to monitor the situation. EssentiallySports reported

Shark attacks have become an increasing cause for concern in the United States. As of July 2023, there have been a total of 34 shark attacks worldwide, with 23 of them occurring in the United States. This year, Florida’s beaches, known for their popular surfing activities, have reported the highest number of unprovoked attacks in the country. However, it is important to note that New York has also experienced its fair share of shark attacks.

In 2022, there were eight reported shark attacks in New York, and this year, the number has already reached five. The most recent incident took place at Rockaway Beach in New York, the largest urban beach in the country. A 65-year-old woman was swimming when she was attacked by a shark underwater. The severity of the attack led to the closure of Rockaway Beach to swimmers and surfers. The victim suffered significant injuries, losing approximately 20 pounds of flesh due to the shark’s bite.

The injured woman was promptly taken to Jamaica Hospital for medical treatment. Shark researcher Naylor believes that the attack was carried out by a bluefish, noting that the extent of the woman’s injuries is not typical of any bony fish. Eyewitnesses described the scene, with one witness mentioning that the victim was bleeding from her leg while being transported on a stretcher. Another witness expressed shock and disbelief at the unfortunate incident.

In response to the incident, Rockaway Beach has taken immediate action to prevent further accidents. NYC Parks announced the closure of the beach for swimming and surfing as a safety precaution. The New York Police Department is also working to dissuade beachgoers from entering the water, while both the FDNY and NYPD are actively patrolling the Rockaway beaches to locate any sharks. Additionally, authorities have employed the use of drones to investigate the incident further. Despite not having a history of many shark attacks, Rockaway Beach has implemented these measures to ensure the safety of its visitors.

The local residents of Rockaway Beach remain perplexed by the rare occurrence of a shark attack in their waters. The area is known for its lack of a thriving marine ecosystem, making the presence of a shark highly unusual. One local resident described the underwater environment as a desert with minimal ecological variety. The news of the shark attack has left many residents astonished, including a surfer who frequents Rockaway Beach and couldn’t believe such an incident could occur there.


In response to concerns from the community, the City Parks Department has assured New Yorkers that shark bites at Rockaway Beach are extremely rare. Authorities continue to monitor the area for any signs of sharks and will take the necessary precautions to avoid future incidents. They also express hope for the full recovery of the injured swimmer.

It is important to note that this incident highlights the need for increased awareness and safety measures when it comes to shark encounters..