“Violent Crime Spree Leaves Two Seriously Injured: Michael Colter, Jr. Identified as Suspect”

By | August 8, 2023



New details have emerged in a violent crime spree in Ross County, Ohio. A man and woman were seriously injured during a burglary, where the suspect, Michael Colter, Jr., forced his way into their home and attacked them with a hammer. Colter fled the scene, causing damage to a parked vehicle. He was later apprehended with the help of law enforcement and is facing multiple charges. The investigation is ongoing. Scioto Valley Guardian reported

New information has emerged regarding the violent crime spree that resulted in severe injuries to two individuals in Ross County, Ohio. Deputies were called to a reported burglary on Blain Highway at approximately 9:27 PM last Friday. During the break-in, both a male and female resident were assaulted. The suspect, known as Michael Colter, Jr., forcefully entered their home, claiming that a motorcycle crash had occurred and demanding them to contact emergency services. A struggle ensued between Colter and the male victim, who was confronted with a hammer. The female victim sustained head injuries after being struck. The assailant subsequently fled the scene, causing damage to a parked vehicle.

Other residents in the area reported similar incidents involving the same suspect. Law enforcement, with the assistance of an Ohio State Highway Patrol Trooper, eventually apprehended Colter. Authorities have collected DNA samples, witness statements, and the alleged assault weapon as evidence. Colter is now facing charges, including Aggravated Trespass, Felonious Assault, and Aggravated Burglary. The Ross County Sheriffs Office is actively investigating the case and has forwarded it to the Ross County Prosecutor’s Office.

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