“16-Year-Old Angel Naranjo Dies After Collision with Cable on Las Vegas Trail”

By | August 7, 2023



A 16-year-old boy in Las Vegas died after colliding with a cable tied across a trail while riding minibikes with his brother. The teen, identified as Angel Naranjo, struck the cable and fell off his bike, resulting in his death. Authorities are investigating the incident. The Wash trail system, where the accident occurred, is a multi-use trail not intended for motorized vehicles. Havasu News reported

A tragic incident occurred in Las Vegas where a 16-year-old named Angel Naranjo lost his life after colliding with a cable tied across a trail. Naranjo and his older brother were riding minibikes along the Las Vegas Wash Regional Trail on July 30 when the accident took place. His brother, who was following behind, witnessed Naranjo suddenly falling off his bike. Despite first responders arriving promptly, Naranjo sadly passed away shortly after. His brother, devastated by the incident, was unable to provide further details to the authorities. Investigation revealed that Naranjo collided with a cable tied to a pole, obstructing the pathway. John Lemarr, a friend of Naranjo, expressed his anger towards the responsible party, stating that they will face consequences for their actions. The case is currently being investigated by the authorities. The Wash trail system, which spans 15 miles, offers a range of multi-use trails for various activities such as walking, jogging, cycling, and skateboarding. It is important to note that motorized vehicles and horseback riding are not permitted on these trails..