“Tragic Shooting Claims Life of 12-Year-Old Markee Jones, Investigation Underway”

By | August 5, 2023



Detectives are investigating the death of a 12-year-old boy who was fatally shot in St. Paul. Family and community members believe that the boy accidentally shot himself after finding a loaded firearm. The national chairman of the Lion of Judah Armed Forces and leader of the New Black Panther Nation Minnesota has called for the owner of the firearm to turn themselves in. The family is seeking justice for the incident. The police were called to the scene early in the morning and the boy later died at the hospital. Kristi Miller, John Autey, Pioneer Press reported

Authorities are currently conducting an investigation into the tragic shooting incident that resulted in the death of a 12-year-old boy on Saturday morning. The incident took place on Stinson Street, specifically in the 200 block. According to family members, friends, and members of the community present outside the residence, it is believed that the young boy, who has been identified as Markee Jones, unintentionally shot himself after coming across a firearm that was loaded.

In response to this heartbreaking incident, Nasip Nasir X, the national chairman of the Lion of Judah Armed Forces and leader of the New Black Panther Nation Minnesota, appealed to the individual who owns the firearm to come forward and take responsibility. He urged them to either surrender to the police or to the Black Panthers. Nasir X emphasized that the firearm did not belong to Markee, but rather to someone else, implying that negligence was involved. He implored anyone with information to come forward and assist in the pursuit of justice for Markee’s grieving family. Recognizing that the loss of their beloved child cannot be reversed, Nasir X stressed the importance of doing the right thing and turning oneself in, either to the New Black Panther Nation or the local police station, in order to bring closure to the family and allow them to find peace.

Marilyn Hill, the boy’s great aunt, stated that the house where the tragic incident occurred was considered a “safe house.” She emphasized that no firearms were present in their home, highlighting their commitment to their faith. However, she expressed her niece’s desire for justice to prevail, indicating that this incident could potentially be an accident.

A close family friend, Caniya Fryer, described Markee as an affectionate and innocent young boy, highlighting the devastating nature of the situation and the profound pain that no family should ever have to endure.

Authorities were alerted to the scene at 5 a.m. following reports of a juvenile male being shot. Upon arrival, they discovered the 12-year-old boy had sustained a gunshot wound. The St. Paul fire medics promptly transported him to Regions Hospital, but unfortunately, he succumbed to his injuries later on.


As of now, no further details are available regarding this tragic incident. The investigation is ongoing, and updates will be provided in due course.

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