“Fatal Shooting in Chaiyaphum: Security Guard Apprehended After Double Murder”

By | August 4, 2023



An investigation is underway into the fatal shooting of two people in Chaiyaphum province, Thailand. The suspect, a 54-year-old security guard, used a .38 caliber handgun in the incident. After the shooting, the suspect escaped on a motorcycle and hid in a sugarcane field. He was eventually apprehended in Chiang Saen district while trying to escape to neighboring countries. The suspect has been charged with the intentional fatal shooting of two individuals. shooting-finally-apprehended” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Nattapong Westwood reported

An ongoing investigation is taking place into a tragic incident in Chaiyaphum province, where two individuals were fatally shot. The perpetrator, a 54-year-old security guard, is suspected to have acted out of resentment, using a .38 caliber handgun. The disturbing event occurred on July 30 and the victims have been identified as 72-year-old Wicha, who is the brother-in-law of the perpetrator, and 31-year-old Phongthorn, a temporary employee.

After committing the shooting, the suspect quickly fled the scene on a Yamaha motorcycle, making his way towards the local highway department where he knew Phongthorn was working. Following the shooting of Phongthorn, the suspect escaped to a nearby sugarcane field in an attempt to evade the police.

Since the fatal shooting took place, law enforcement authorities have been tirelessly working to apprehend the suspect, who has managed to remain elusive. After the shooting, the suspect sought refuge in the sugarcane field. CCTV footage captured him in the Wang Chomphu area of Chaiyaphum, purchasing food before retreating back to the sugarcane field on approximately July 31.

During the search operation, officers discovered a box of ammunition containing over 40 .38 rounds in a farm hut, believed to belong to the perpetrator. These items were confiscated and examined. Despite the challenges, the police were able to trace the suspect’s location to Chiang Saen district, where he was attempting to flee to neighboring countries, as reported by KhaoSod.

This development heightened the urgency of the situation, leading the head officer of Chaiyaphum police, Watnachai Monkhirarat, and the head officer of the Chaturat district police station, Atit Chatchairattanawet, to coordinate with the Thai Highway Patrol and the Chiang Rai Provincial Police in securing the surrounding areas and intensifying the search efforts. They also reached out to the suspect’s relatives in an attempt to dissuade him from further attempts to escape.


Recognizing the potential danger posed by the armed suspect, the officers allowed him to travel to Bangkok, suspecting that he intended to surrender there. Discreetly monitoring his journey, they observed him getting off a bus at the Mo Chit Bus Terminal, where he was apprehended.

Subsequently, the suspect was transferred to Phayathai Police Station for documentation of his arrest and then transported to Ban Khai Police Station in Chaiyaphum for interrogation. He has since been charged with intentionally causing the deaths of the two individuals.

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