“Lizzo Faces Backlash for Inappropriate Attire and Alleged Harassment”

By | August 3, 2023



American rapper Lizzo faced backlash for her wardrobe choices at a Los Angeles Lakers NBA game. Viral footage showed her dancing inappropriately, which many deemed disrespectful, especially with children present. Lizzo wore a t-shirt dress, fishnet stockings, and patent boots, with her outfit being criticized as inappropriate and disrespectful. Some even called for her to be banned from future NBA games. However, there were also supporters who defended her right to dress how she pleases and praised her body positivity. This controversy comes amidst allegations of Lizzo harassing her employees, with accusations of inappropriate touching and creating a toxic work environment. Lizzo’s management group has denied the allegations. Sportsmanor reported

American Rapper Lizzo Faces Backlash for Wardrobe Choices at Lakers Game

Popular American rapper, Lizzo, has come under fire for her recent wardrobe choices during a Los Angeles Lakers NBA game. Viral footage of her performance at the packed Staples Center has sparked controversy, with many deeming it inappropriate and disrespectful. The artist was seen dancing in front of the cameras in an outfit that some considered vulgar, especially since children were present at the event.

In the clip, Lizzo can be seen wearing a t-shirt dress, fishnet stockings, and fierce patent boots. However, it is her outfit that has stirred up the most debate. Certain individuals have criticized her for being disrespectful to the sport of basketball, while others simply find her attire inappropriate. Unfortunately, she has also faced body-shaming comments, with her dress being described as “trashy” and “disgusting.”

The backlash on social media has been intense, with calls for her to be banned from future NBA games. One user tweeted, “She should’ve been banned,” while another added, “That outfit was inappropriate and disrespectful.”

Despite the criticism, there are those who support Lizzo’s fashion choices and argue that she should be free to express herself. One fan wrote, “Lizzo is proud of her body and she shouldn’t have to hide it,” while another stated, “This is a debate about body image and what is considered appropriate attire.”

Interestingly, this controversy comes at a time when Lizzo is already facing scrutiny for a recent sexual harassment scandal. In March, she was charged with sexually harassing a male dancer at a show. Although Lizzo has denied the accusations, the uproar has undoubtedly affected her reputation.


Lizzo Accused of Harassing Employees

Adding to the artist’s woes, Lizzo has also drawn criticism for allegedly bullying her employees. Social media was flooded with complaints on Monday, with individuals claiming that the musician had touched them without consent and made inappropriate comments.

One ex-employee revealed that Lizzo had touched her inappropriately and made sexual remarks about her physique. Another staff member accused her of making racial comments and fostering a toxic work environment.

So far, Lizzo has not directly addressed these accusations. However, her management group, YSL Records, has refuted the allegations, calling them “completely false.”

The accusations against Lizzo have sparked a larger conversation about workplace assault and the power dynamics that can exist between celebrities and their staff. Some supporters argue that Lizzo is a strong woman being herself, while others believe she should be held accountable due to the seriousness of the allegations.