“66-year-old Mary Lou Flores Killed in Fatal Car-to-Car Shooting”

By | August 2, 2023



A 66-year-old woman named Mary Lou Flores was killed in a car-to-car shooting incident. The incident occurred at the Shaw and Brawley Avenues crossroads on Monday night. Law enforcement officers responded to other calls in the area, including a shooting victim at a nearby Walmart and a collision. Detectives determined that Flores’ car was shot at by a Toyota RAV4 while three vehicles were moving southbound on Brawley Avenue. The incident resulted in a collision and fire, causing severe injuries to Flores’ passengers. No other occupants of the car were shot during the initial incident. Shubham Soni reported

Woman Killed in Fatal Car-to-Car shooting Identified as Mary Lou Flores

A tragic incident unfolded on Monday night as a woman, identified as Mary Lou Flores, lost her life in a fatal car-to-car shooting. Flores, aged 66, became a victim of the shooting, leaving the community in shock.

Law Enforcement Responds to Multiple Calls

The shooting occurred at the intersection of Shaw and Brawley Avenues around 6:30 p.m. Authorities were already responding to two other incidents in the vicinity during that time. One call reported a shooting victim at a nearby Walmart, while the other was related to a collision.

Details of the shooting

Reports indicate that three vehicles were traveling southbound on Brawley Avenue when a Toyota RAV4 fired shots at Mary Lou Flores’ Nissan Sentra. Another individual, a 24-year-old man driving a Chevy Malibu, was also injured in the head during the shooting. He managed to reach the Walmart at Brawley and Shaw Avenues to call for help.

Tragic Collision and Fire

After the initial shooting, both Flores’ car and the Toyota RAV4 continued speeding along Brawley Avenue, estimated to be traveling between 60 and 70 miles per hour. As they reached the intersection of Brawley and Weber Avenues, a devastating collision occurred, followed by a fire.

Investigators believe that the high speed made it challenging for the drivers to navigate the bend ahead, resulting in the collision. Unfortunately, Mary Lou Flores succumbed to her injuries and was pronounced dead. The crash and ensuing fire caused severe injuries to all of Flores’ passengers, necessitating their immediate hospitalization.


No Additional Gunshot Injuries

Despite the chaos and severity of the collision, police reports indicate that none of the other occupants of Flores’ car were shot during the initial incident.

These events have left the community in mourning as they seek answers and justice for the senseless loss of Mary Lou Flores’ life.