“Black Family Traumatized in Mistaken Stolen Car Stop by Frisco Police”

By | August 1, 2023



A Black family visiting from Little Rock, Arkansas, was mistakenly pulled over by a police department in a suburb north of Dallas. Body camera footage shows the police drawing their guns and ordering the family out of their car during a “high-risk traffic stop.” The police had incorrectly entered the license plate of the family’s car, leading to the mistaken belief that it was stolen. The incident has sparked outrage and an investigation by the police department. Taiyler S. Mitchell reported

Police Department in Suburb North of Dallas Under Fire for Incorrectly Pulling Over Black Family

A police department in a suburb north of Dallas is facing backlash after body camera footage was released showing officers pulling over a Black family visiting from Little Rock, Arkansas. The officers mistakenly believed that the family was driving a stolen car.

The incident occurred on July 23 when a Frisco police officer entered the license plate of the family’s black Dodge Charger incorrectly, leading to the mistaken belief that the car was stolen. The police department stated that they were drawn to the vehicle due to its out-of-state plates and the fact that Chargers are often targeted for theft.

The encounter quickly escalated into what the police described as a “high-risk traffic stop” on the Dallas North Tollway. Guns were drawn as the officers ordered the driver, a 28-year-old woman who identified herself as a nurse, and her son out of the car. The family, including the woman’s husband and nephew, faced a traumatic and potentially life-threatening situation.

As the incident unfolded, the driver pleaded with the officers, expressing her fear and stating that she had never been in trouble before. The woman’s son was placed in handcuffs and put into one of the police vehicles, adding to the distress of the family.


However, it was later discovered that the officer had made an error by running the license plate as one from Arizona (AZ) instead of Arkansas (AR). Upon realizing the mistake, the officers apologized to the family.

The Frisco Police Department has acknowledged the mistake and promised to investigate the incident. Frisco Police Chief David Shilson stated that the department will not hide from its mistakes and will learn from them. He expressed empathy for the family and assured them that the incident does not reflect the high standard of service provided by the department.

The police department’s response to the incident is under scrutiny, with calls for accountability and transparency in the process. The family’s traumatic experience highlights the need for continued efforts to address racial bias and ensure fair treatment during law enforcement encounters..

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