“Season 25 of Big Brother Introduces Diverse Cast, Including Deceased Survivor’s Brother & Son”

By | July 31, 2023



The 25th season of Big Brother is set to premiere on August 2nd on CBS, and it will feature a diverse cast of 16 houseguests. This season brings several firsts for the franchise, including a hearing-impaired houseguest, a Sikh houseguest, and a woman over 60 years old. Additionally, the season will include the first Australian and Appalachian contestants, as well as houseguests with unique names like Red, Blue, and America. Interestingly, one of the houseguests, Zach Wurtenberger, has a brother who was voted out first on Survivor 42, adding an extra layer of familiarity. Another player is the son of Survivor legend Cirie Fields. Excitement is building for the new season, and fans can check out the video of the cast to get a preview of what’s to come. Dalton Ross reported

Meet the Cast of Big Brother Season 25: A Diverse and Exciting Lineup

Get ready for another thrilling season of Big Brother as the highly anticipated Season 25 is set to premiere on August 2nd on CBS. This season brings together 16 unique houseguests who will live together and compete against each other in the iconic Big Brother house. What makes this season even more special is the inclusion of several firsts in the franchise’s history, showcasing the show’s commitment to diversity and representation.

A Season of Firsts

The cast of Season 25 introduces us to a diverse group of individuals, each bringing their own personality and background to the game. One notable first is the inclusion of a hearing-impaired houseguest, who will undoubtedly inspire and break barriers on the show. Additionally, a Sikh houseguest joins the cast, representing their community and culture on a national platform. Furthermore, this season welcomes a woman over 60 years old, proving that age is just a number when it comes to competing in the Big Brother house.

Not stopping there, Season 25 also features the franchise’s first Australian and Appalachian contestants, bringing a global perspective and a taste of the Appalachian region to the game. Moreover, the houseguests have intriguing names, such as Red, Blue, and America, adding an extra layer of excitement and curiosity to the season.

Familiar Faces and Family Connections

While the cast is filled with fresh faces, some may catch your attention due to their connections to other reality shows. One houseguest, Zach Wurtenberger, may seem vaguely familiar as his brother was voted out first on Survivor 42. It will be interesting to see if Zach can make a name for himself and outlast his brother’s early exit. Additionally, another player is the son of Survivor legend Cirie Fields, adding an intriguing dynamic to the season.

Get a Sneak Peek

If you can’t wait to see the cast in action, you’re in luck! CBS has released a video introducing the houseguests, giving us a glimpse into their personalities and strategies. Make sure to check out the video to get a taste of the fresh meat that will be captivating viewers throughout the season.


With its diverse lineup and exciting twists, Season 25 of Big Brother promises to be an unforgettable ride. Get ready to witness the drama, alliances, and unexpected twists that have made this reality show a fan favorite for years. Don’t miss the premiere on August 2nd on CBS!


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