Newborn Baby Found Dead in Garbage Dump

By | July 31, 2023



A newborn baby was found dead in a garbage dump in Lahore’s Civil Lines area. Passersby discovered the body wrapped in a cloth and alerted the police. The authorities have taken the body to the morgue and are using CCTV footage to identify the person(s) responsible. In a separate incident, the Dolphin Squad arrested a man pretending to be an SSP in Haier police’s jurisdiction. The accused, identified as Momin Shaikh of Defence Phase-1, was caught with a fake Sindh police departmental card. Our Correspondent reported

Newborn Baby Found dead in Garbage Dump in Lahore

LAHORE: A tragic incident occurred in the Civil Lines area on Sunday when the lifeless body of a newborn baby was discovered in a garbage dump. Passersby made the disturbing discovery, spotting the unidentified child wrapped in cloth amidst the debris near Waris Road in Civil Lines. Alarmed by the sight, they immediately alerted the local authorities. The police swiftly responded to the call and transported the body to the morgue for further investigation.

The authorities have initiated an extensive search for any potential leads, utilizing CCTV cameras in the vicinity to identify the person(s) responsible for this heinous act. Every effort is being made to bring justice to the innocent child and hold those accountable for this heart-wrenching incident.

Man Arrested for Impersonating SSP

In a separate incident, the Dolphin Squad apprehended an individual in the Haier police jurisdiction for impersonating an SSP. The police became suspicious of a vehicle equipped with a blue light and pulled it over. The driver falsely identified himself as SSP Sindh Police Javed Iqbal Bhatti. However, upon verification, it was discovered that the accused, Momin Shaikh of Defence Phase-1, had presented a counterfeit Sindh police departmental card. The police promptly took him into custody.


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