“Brittney Griner Takes Break to Focus on Mental Health”

By | July 31, 2023



Phoenix Mercury’s Brittney Griner will be missing two upcoming games on the team’s road trip to Chicago and Indiana to prioritize her mental health. The team stated that they fully support Griner and are working with her to determine when she will return to the court. Griner, an Olympic gold medalist and seasoned WNBA all-star, recently returned to the league after being detained in Russian prisons for almost 10 months on drug charges. She re-signed with the Phoenix Mercury and made her first game-time appearance this season in May. Griner expressed her gratitude for the support she received from fans and the league during her challenging time. Emily Mae Czachor reported

Brittney Griner, the star player of the Phoenix Mercury in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), will be missing an upcoming road trip with the team. The Mercury announced on Saturday that Griner will be taking time off to focus on her mental health. As a result, she will not be participating in at least two games during the team’s trip to Chicago and Indiana. The Mercury is currently finalizing the timeline for her return to the court.

In a statement on social media, the team expressed their full support for Griner’s decision. They wrote, “Mercury center Brittney Griner will not travel with the team on its upcoming two-game road trip to Chicago and Indiana (July 30-August 1) to focus on her mental health. The Mercury fully support Brittney and we will continue to work together on a timeline for her return.”

Griner is a highly accomplished athlete, having won an Olympic gold medal and being recognized as an all-star in the WNBA. She recently returned to the league earlier this year after being released from custody in Russia. Griner had been detained in Russian prisons for almost 10 months on drug charges before being freed in a high-profile prisoner swap in December. She was exchanged for an arms dealer who had been imprisoned in the United States.

After her return, Griner re-signed a contract with the Phoenix Mercury, the team she had played for prior to her detainment. She made her first official game-time appearance this season when the Mercury faced off against the Los Angeles Sparks in May. A month later, she participated in her first All-Star game since her return.


Speaking about her experience, Griner expressed her gratitude towards the support she received. She said, “It meant everything to me. I didn’t think that I would be here today, honestly, but everybody sending letters, sending love, posting. I’m still seeing it to this day, everything that everybody did. It really meant a lot to me, it gave me hope, it made me not want to just give it up for anything, so it was this league that helped me out.”

As Griner takes time off to prioritize her mental health, the Phoenix Mercury and her fans will eagerly await her return to the court. The team is committed to supporting her throughout this process and is working on a timeline for her comeback.

This article highlights the decision of Brittney Griner, a prominent WNBA player, to prioritize her mental health by skipping an upcoming road trip with the Phoenix Mercury. It emphasizes the team’s support for Griner and provides background information on her previous detainment in Russia. The article also mentions her successful return to the league and her gratitude towards the support she received..

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