“Fatal Crash in Waukegan Leaves One Dead, Identified as Carlos Colon”

By | July 26, 2023



A 22-year-old man died in a crash in Waukegan, where an alleged gang member was found with a gun. The crash occurred at Grand Avenue and McAree Road, and one of the vehicles caught fire. The passenger of one of the vehicles was transported to the hospital in critical condition and later died. The victim was identified as Carlos Colon. The driver of the other vehicle, Kevin Apaez, was trapped and had to be extricated. A loaded Glock handgun was found in his car. Apaez, a convicted felon and documented gang member, is facing charges. He was released after posting bond. Lake and McHenry County Scanner reported

The article discusses a tragic car crash that occurred in Waukegan, resulting in the death of a 22-year-old man. The crash occurred at the intersection of Grand Avenue and McAree Road, where a Waukegan Fire Department battalion chief discovered one of the vehicles on fire. The chief immediately called for multiple ambulances to the scene.

The passenger of one of the vehicles was transported to Advocate Condell Medical Center in critical condition. Unfortunately, the victim, identified as Carlos Colon, passed away in the intensive care unit a few hours later.

During the extrication process, firefighters found a loaded Glock handgun on the driver’s side of the other vehicle involved in the crash. The driver, Kevin Apaez, 29, was trapped and had to be rescued before the firearm was discovered. Apaez was subsequently found to be a convicted felon and a documented member of the Maniac Latin Disciples gang.

Apaez claimed that he was stopped at a red light when his car was struck by the other vehicle. He denies any knowledge of the gun found in his vehicle. However, his criminal history and gang affiliation led Lake County Judge Veronica O’Malley to order him held on a $500,000 bond.

Despite the high bond, Apaez was able to secure his release from the Lake County Jail by posting 10% of the bond amount. He is scheduled to appear in court again on August 15.


The tragic crash highlights the dangers on the road and the potentially deadly consequences that can result from reckless driving. It also serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible gun ownership and the need for stricter regulations to prevent firearms from falling into the wrong hands..

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