“Motorcyclist Killed in Crash During Street Takeover: Ambulance Delayed”

By | July 17, 2023


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The article discusses a tragic incident where a motorcyclist was killed in a two-vehicle crash in Portland, Oregon. The crash occurred while the police were investigating a street takeover event nearby. The article highlights the unfortunate delay in ambulance response due to the street takeover, which caused the ambulance to be rerouted.

The article includes recordings of dispatch calls where first responders express their concerns about the delay caused by the street racers. It also mentions a separate incident where another motorcyclist nearly hit two officers and attempted to elude them.

The article provides details about the suspect’s arrest after a 57-minute pursuit involving multiple law enforcement agencies. The suspect was booked on several charges including reckless endangerment and assault on a public safety officer.

The article emphasizes the impact of the street takeover event on emergency response and public safety. It also mentions that the incident was Portland’s 37th traffic-related death of the year.


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