“Georgia Man Allegedly Kills Ex-Girlfriend in Kidnapping and Police Chase: Cameron Ja’Michael Hopkins and Khaliyah Jones”

By | July 17, 2023



A Georgia man named Cameron Ja’Michael Hopkins is facing serious charges after allegedly shooting and killing his ex-girlfriend during a kidnapping and police chase over the weekend. What makes this case even more disturbing is the fact that Hopkins was out on bond for allegedly kidnapping the same woman exactly one year ago to the day.

Hopkins, 20, is facing charges in multiple jurisdictions across the Atlanta metropolitan area. In Fayetteville, he is charged with kidnapping and aggravated assault, while the Clayton County Police Department has charged him with malice murder, aggravated assault, and possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime.

The victim, 19-year-old Khaliyah Jones, was allegedly kidnapped by Hopkins at gunpoint from a Wingstop restaurant. Witnesses reported seeing Hopkins driving off with Jones in a red Chevrolet Camaro. Police pursued the vehicle, eventually forcing it to stop at Lovejoy High School using a PIT maneuver.

During the arrest, Hopkins began shooting, with multiple gunshots hitting a police vehicle. Officers managed to take cover while Hopkins and Jones remained inside the car. Deputies from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department used a less-lethal option to deploy an irritant into the vehicle, causing Hopkins to exit and be taken into custody. Tragically, Jones was found inside the car with fatal gunshot wounds.

This incident is especially troubling because it occurred exactly one year after Hopkins allegedly kidnapped Jones for the first time. During that previous incident, he dragged her out of a vehicle at gunpoint in a Walmart parking lot. Hopkins had threatened to shoot and kill Jones if police attempted to pull him over.

At the time of the victim’s death, Hopkins was out on bond for charges related to the previous kidnapping incident, including terroristic threats, kidnapping, criminal damage to property, possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime, and aggravated assault.


This tragic case highlights the need for stricter monitoring of individuals out on bond for violent crimes. The fact that Hopkins was able to commit another kidnapping and murder while awaiting trial is deeply concerning. It also serves as a reminder of the dangers faced by victims of domestic violence and the importance of providing them with the necessary support and protection.