“Tragic Shooting Claims Life of Ricky Trooper’s Daughter”

By | July 10, 2023



Ricky Trooper, a prominent figure in the Jamaican music scene, recently experienced a devastating tragedy with the loss of his daughter, Brianna Destiny McKoy. Brianna tragically lost her life at the age of 23 in a fatal shooting incident in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

The shooting occurred inside a unit at the Coachlight Square condominium complex, where Brianna was found unresponsive and pronounced dead at the scene. Ricky Trooper expressed his devastation and gratitude for the support he received from fans and well-wishers following the tragic news.

The suspect in the shooting, Derrick Francis, was identified by the police, who have issued an arrest warrant for his alleged involvement. Brianna and Francis were reported to have been in a romantic relationship, adding complexity to the case. The investigation is ongoing, and authorities are actively seeking Francis, who is considered armed and dangerous.

Despite facing immense personal challenges, including the recent passing of his father, Ricky Trooper strives to remain strong and fulfill his obligations as a promoter and musician. Music serves as a source of solace for him during this difficult time.

The Bridgeport police are continuing their investigation to uncover the circumstances leading to Brianna’s untimely death. They have urged the public to provide any relevant information that could assist in locating and apprehending the suspect.

Ricky Trooper’s daughter, Brianna Destiny McKoy, was deeply loved and cherished by her father. Ricky Trooper, also known as Garfield McKoy, is renowned for his involvement in the sound system culture, particularly as a selector and DJ for the legendary Killamanjaro sound system. He later established his own sound system called Sound Trooper.


The investigation into Brianna’s death is ongoing, with Ricky Trooper believing that domestic violence may have played a role. The police have released photos of the suspect to aid in his identification and capture.

Ricky Trooper remains a respected figure in the Jamaican music community, known for his talent and contributions to the industry. Despite the tragic loss of his daughter, he continues to find strength and inspiration in his music career..