Milwaukee police discover 57-gallon drum”: “Shocking Discovery in Dahmer’s Apartment: Human Torsos Found

1. Jeffrey Dahmer apartment discovery 2. 57-gallon drum Milwaukee 3. Dismembered human torsos Dahmer In 1991, Milwaukee police made a horrifying discovery in Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment: a 57-gallon drum emitting a strong odor. Upon investigation, they found three dismembered human torsos inside. This shocking incident sheds light on the gruesome crimes of one of America’s… Read More »

Delhi Police denies questioning Kejriwal’s parents: Delhi Police refutes reports of questioning Kejriwal’s parents

1. Delhi Police denial Kejriwal parents questioning 2. Arvind Kejriwal fake news controversy 3. Kejriwal manipulation parents victimization In a shocking development, Delhi Police has refuted claims of preparing to question Kejriwal’s parents, alleging that Kejriwal himself orchestrated the news to garner sympathy and target the BJP. This revelation sheds light on the manipulative tactics… Read More »

“Mamata affair murder news”: Abdul Murders Mamata, Illicit Affair Exposed – Jagtial, Telangana

1. Jagtial Telangana scandal 2. Mohd Abdul murder case 3. Gangadhar Mamata divorce story The tweet discusses a shocking incident in Jagtial, Telangana, where Mohd Abdul allegedly murdered Mamata, a married Hindu woman, with whom he had an illicit relationship. Mamata’s husband, Gangadhar, discovered the affair and opposed it, leading to their divorce eight years… Read More »

“Debevoise staffer aggressive pro-Israel protester”: Angry staff member caught on camera at Debevoise gets aggressive with pro-Israel protesters

1. Aggressive staffer Debevoise 2. Pro-Israel protest altercation 3. Antisemitism Northwestern University An angry staffer claiming to be with Debevoise was caught on camera getting aggressive with pro-Israel protesters. The individual unplugged a Hamas tunnel-rat who was calling out Northwestern University chair Peter Barris for allowing antisemitism on campus. The incident was captured on video… Read More »