Belgian police attack civilians: Belgian Police Use Water Cannons on Anti-Genocide Protestors

1. Belgian police brutality 2. Anti-genocide protest 3. Water cannon violence Belgian police are using water cannons against anti-genocide protestors, sparking comparisons to WWII Germany. The incident, captured in a viral tweet, has raised concerns about fascism in Europe. The tweet, posted by Sulaiman Ahmed, highlights the escalating tensions between law enforcement and civilians. The… Read More »

Harvey Weinstein to appear in court ahead of retrial for New York rape charges.: Harvey Weinstein court hearing – Weinstein retrial NY charges

1. Harvey Weinstein retrial 2. New York rape charges 3. Court hearing Harvey Weinstein In a recent development, a New York appeals court overturned the 2020 felony sex crime convictions of an individual. This decision marks a significant turn of events in the legal proceedings surrounding the case. The ruling has sparked widespread discussion and… Read More »

Mastercard Crypto Credential Launch: Mastercard Launches Crypto Credential for Easy Peer-to-Peer Transactions – Bullish News!

1. Mastercard Crypto Credential 2. Crypto Username Exchange 3. Mastercard Debit Card Circulation Mastercard has just launched “Crypto Credential,” allowing users to send cryptocurrency to any customer at an exchange using a simple username instead of a wallet address. With 1.5 billion debit cards in circulation, this move is seen as ultra bullish for the… Read More »