“Fontana police psychological torture”: Shocking case: Police accused man of killing father in Fontana

1. Fontana police brutality case 2. Coerced confession Fontana 3. Thomas Perez interrogation case In a shocking case of police misconduct in Fontana, CA, Thomas Perez was subjected to 17 hours of interrogation and coerced into falsely confessing to killing his elderly father, who was actually alive. This incident highlights the grave consequences of police… Read More »

厚労省ワクチン効果生存: No deaths reported, all going as planned, vaccine effectiveness

1. 厚労省の最新情報 2. ワクチン接種プログラム 3. 死亡率の低減効果 The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in Japan has reported zero deaths from the vaccine, stating that everything is going according to plan. This tweet, posted by Laughing Man on May 24, 2024, highlights the effectiveness of the vaccine in preventing fatalities. The image attached to the tweet… Read More »

“King County library teaching toddlers hate Jews”: King County Library teaching false narratives to toddlers

1. King County library hate speech 2. King County library misinformation 3. King County library controversy The King County, WA library is under fire for allegedly teaching toddlers to hate Jews by spreading false narratives of Zionist occupation. This controversial incident has sparked outrage and calls for investigation from concerned individuals. StopAntisemitism took to Twitter… Read More »

Teacher arrested for indecency”: “Gatesville ISD Teacher Arrested for Indecency with Child

1. Gatesville ISD teacher arrested 2. Child indecency charges 3. Teacher student misconduct Teacher Christine Paige Cockrell of GatesvilleISD was arrested for indecency with a child and possession of child p**. She allegedly exchanged nude photos with a student and sought to mentor a “younger guy”. The shocking incident has sparked outrage and raised concerns… Read More »

“FBI evidence Hunter Biden China”: Newly Revealed: FBI Buried Evidence of Hunter Biden’s Foreign Deals

1. Hunter Biden foreign business deals 2. FBI evidence Hunter Biden 3. Biden family corruption scandal Newly obtained documents show that the FBI had incriminating evidence of Hunter Biden soliciting business deals with foreign countries, including China, on behalf of the Biden family dating back to a 2015-16 investigation. The evidence was reportedly buried by… Read More »